What is DNA?

Have you always been wondering where you ‘originally’ come from? You might be born in one country, but perhaps your origin lies somewhere completely different. You can find out more about this by doing a DNA test. DNA is a molecule that can be found inside cells in any organism. This molecule contains genetic information that is responsible for the development and the function or the organism. Humans share a lot of DNA with each other, but there are also plants, vegetables, fruit and animals that humans share same DNA with. If you have specific questions about your DNA, such as about your heritage, siblings, paternity, then at home DNA test is something for you.

Doing the test at home

If you are worried about having to make an appointment, explaining everything to the doctor and share all your secrets, do not worry. You can take the DNA test in the comfort of your own home. You can order the desired test online and you get it delivered by mail. The test is not painful, you simply use the swab inside the testing kit or you need to spit into a vial. After you’ve taken the test, you send it back to the lab where they analyse your results. Within a certain amount of time (depending on the test it might go up to a few weeks) you can see the results online. There is no need to make a doctor appointment, unless you have questions after the test, you can always discuss them with your doctor. The DNA test is done anonymously, meaning that your doctor does not get notified about your test results. Your personal data is completely safe, as you are the only person who gets access to your results. But there is more: did you know that a DNA test can also be used to determine allergies or food sensitivities? Have you been experiencing allergy-like symptoms and your doctor has not been able to find a solution for it? Perhaps the problem can be tracked by doing DNA testing with DDC and some simple adjustments might be needed to become symptom-free again. It never hurts to find out.

DNA test accuracy

Many people wonder how accurate DNA testing is. Thanks to advanced techniques that are used in the modern laboratory, DNA testing with DDC shows 99,9% accuracy. Sounds pretty accurate, doesn’t it? If for whatever reason there is a need for either a paternity, heritage, fertility or allergy test, you can be assured of accurate results.