Acupressure mat overview for superior sleep and muscular tissues recovery strain

The present day-working day equivalent to a bed of nails, acupressure mats assure to simplicity muscles, decrease stress, help you sleep and even handle your cellulite! David Beckham, Miranda Kerr and Pink really like theirs. But do they get the job done?

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Lying on a bed of nails isn’t leading of most people’s to-do record but what if we told you it could lower strain, soothe complications, simplicity muscle mass stress and put up-exercise session recovery in a very similar way to a massage, lower the physical appearance of cellulite and increase snooze? Enter the acupressure mat, the at-property wellness hero, which has found a surge in revenue during the pandemic.

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Although you will find no scientific evidence for their effectiveness, users appreciate the ache/pleasure knowledge and the profound perception of quiet. Last summer David Beckham posted a photo of himself standing barefoot on his £49 Shakti Mat describing the practical experience as “so very good”. Profits of the Mattress of Nails acupressure mat, £70 on Cult Splendor rose by a staggering 223 for each cent as opposed to the former calendar year. The mat, which has 8,800 plastic spikes, even acquired a location in the 2021 Cult Beauty’s Haul of Fame, voted for by prospects.

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Singer Pink was viewed having all set backstage with a single although Britney Spears (over) has been a admirer of Mattress of Nails for yrs. In the meantime, design Miranda Kerr revealed on her Kora Organics site that a Spoonk Acupressure Mat, £39.99 was a single of her necessities. “I vacation with it just about everywhere,” she explained. Major sporting activities execs use it for recovery much too like the All Blacks rugby workforce in New Zealand, exactly where the brand name Shakti Mat, with 6,000-furthermore spikes originates.

Its origins are further than a modern relaxation software. It is explained to have been made by a Swedish monk named Om Mokshanada, as a modern-day-working day acquire on an historical bed of nails to enhance pain tolerance and assist healing. “The Shakti Acupressure Mat was developed to make the wellbeing rewards of a bed of nails additional realistic and available,” states Simone Engels of Shakti Mat.


An acupressure mat is about the measurement of a small bath towel. It also comes in acupressure pillow kind – a cylinder shape for beneath your neck. When the spikes on the mat are utilized to the physique, they put tension on the pores and skin and muscle tissues, though they never penetrate the pores and skin. Contrary to acupressure as a remedy, they do not concentrate on unique points but do the job a lot more commonly. “This stress will work to release rigidity and encourages nutritious circulation in the place currently being specific,” describes Simone. “The result is an extremely relaxed overall body and brain primed for deep, restorative rest. It is not unheard of for customers to tumble asleep on the mat!”

How does lying on an acupressure mat come to feel?

You can use it on bare pores and skin or by means of light-weight garments and there are absolutely a several minutes of ‘hump’ to get about in which it feels a minimal agonizing. But that quickly dissolves into tingles and then into feelings of profound relaxation, perhaps from endorphins unveiled in reaction to the discomfort. In our encounter, when the feeling subsides, you are left pretty substantially emotion the thoughts-overall body link. If you shell out a good deal of time in your head, the acupressure mat is a good grounding exercise. “The Shakti expertise can be not comfortable and prickly at initially,” says Simone. “After 5 or so minutes, this transforms into sensations of tingling, pulsating and warmth. Then, right after 20 minutes on the mat, all discomfort is evaporated and you can expect to sense particularly peaceful.”

Get the Gloss columnist Madeleine Spencer states she can commit up to half an hour on hers. “I’ll commonly go on my mat for around 20 to 30 minutes – nevertheless I often fall asleep and will conclude up on it for an hour!” she instructed us.

Journalist Bryony Gordon is a admirer far too, telling makeup artist Rose Gallagher on her Natural beauty From the Heart podcast that she lies on it 15 minutes in advance of bedtime to induce rest.

You are going to usually see a pink rash a little bit like sunburn, where by you’ve got been lying on the mat. “This redness is prompted by balanced blood stream to the space, which takes place for the duration of the session (the ‘warmth’ phase) and helps soothe and restore the muscle mass,” says Simone.

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It is reputed to assistance with migraines too Lily Earle, daughter of Liz Earle, lately wrote on Get The Gloss about her long-term migraine issue and uses hers beneath her head on a ‘migraine day’. As for its promises to tackle the appear of cellulite, Cult Magnificence claims of its finest-selling Bed of Nails that the spikes help the physique rid itself of toxic compounds and enhance blood circulation, to guide the breakdown of stubborn body fat groupings.

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As David Beckham says, it is wonderful for the toes. Madeleine Spencer places her mat below her desk to roll her ft on as she works. Nutritionist and Get The Gloss expert Daniel O’Shaugnessy says the mat is one particular of his must-have wellness aids of all time. “I use it ahead of bed, in some cases although I’m watching Television set for about 30 minutes. You experience the variance promptly and then pretty much float to mattress.”

It is really distinct that it can develop into addictive. If you want a more powerful sensation, there’s a Shakti Mat Advance, which has 2,000 less spikes than the authentic so that your overall body body weight is dispersed in less destinations for better intensity and is encouraged for athletes and experienced Shakti Mat people wanting for an enhance.

Invest in a Shakti Mat, £58.50 or check out the Mattress of Nails Acupressure Mat, £70